Expand your view beyond 14 days to know more about your health for only £2.00 per month*. Upgrading to Triabetes+ means you can:

Save time

  • Log food faster. One-click access to your most frequently used items.
  • Make an exercise plan. Triabetes remembers that you run twice a week and swim on Tuesdays so you’ll get reminders and one-click logging.


  • Give yourself something to aim for by adding goals.
  • Set targets for blood sugar, exercise and blood pressure.

Triabetes app shows blood sugar, carbs and insulin together (type1 or type2 diabetes).

Manage insulin and medicines

  • Log all insulin and medicines you take throughout the day.
  • See how insulin units, carbs and blood sugar levels interact.
  • Create your own pillbox and reminder service for insulin and other medicines.

See more details

  • Look back beyond 14 days – a longer time to see bigger improvements by tracking trends over months rather than days.
  • Follow your progress with access to historical data.
  • Go deeper with graphs and reports showing your unique trends. Why not show your doctor? These graphs give invaluable insights into how you are balancing diabetes with your life.
  • Your backed up data is always available, on your smartphone or here at


You can upgrade directly inside your app. Just follow the links.

Or you can sign in and buy Triabetes+ using PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account that’s OK since PayPal also accepts credit cards.

1 month



2 months

£4.00 per month
(£11.99 total)

save 33%

6 months

£2.83 per month
(£16.99 total)

save 53%

12 months

£2.00 per month
(£23.99 total)

save 67%

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*12 months subscription